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Azura Excursion Bus Crash 10 Injured 1 Dead

by Cruise Bruise News on 11/12/16

Cruise Bruise: PHOTOS - A head-on collision during a P&O Cruises Azura cruise ship shore excursion in Dominca has injured 10 UK passengers and one has died

Cruise Bruise Investigates Back From Vacation

by Cruise Bruise News on 11/07/16

Cruise Bruise: Our annual fall vacation was restful. Cases are on the docket today, let the investigations begin

Another NCL Breakaway Crew Dies

by Cruise Bruise News on 09/20/16

Cruise Ship Deaths: Crew member married to another NCL crew member has died as a result of his injuries.

Harmony of the Seas Accident 1 Dead 4 Injured

by Cruise Bruise News on 09/13/16

Cruise Bruise: One person is dead aboard the 6,000 passenger Harmony of the Seas #cruise ship after an accident involving a lifeboat injured five

Missing Cruise Ship Crew Member

by Cruise Bruise News on 09/12/16

Cruise Bruise: Can you help solve this case? Norwegian Pearl crew member who has gone overboard in Alaska, left clues to her private life

Two Died After Cruise Ship Collision

by Cruise Bruise News on 09/11/16

Cruise Ship Sinking: PHOTO Two crew members are dead after cruise ship collides with bridge

Cruise Port Schedules Mobile Friendly Upgrade

by Cruise Bruise News on 09/10/16

Cruise Bruise: Cruise Port Schedules new design, now mobile-friendly. Huge expanision on our FREE cruise port schedules arriving soon

Bikini Clad Cruise Ship Cocaine Smugglers

by Cruise Bruise News on 08/31/16

Cruise Bruise: Cruise ship cocaine arrest case new photos/video, bikini clad Canadians living large on their cocaine smuggling world cruise

Cruise Ship Stowaway Smuggler Arrests

by Cruise Bruise News on 08/30/16

Cruise Bruise: Even after 911 terror plot murders, #cruise ship stowaways still get aboard some cruise ships, ferries and cargo ships in some ports

Canadian Cocaine Smugglers Arrested 31M Cocaine

by Cruise Bruise News on 08/29/16

SHOCKING - Three Canadian passengers arrested with $31 million in Cocaine during expensive 51 day world #cruise PHOTOS

30 Passengers Ages 14-30 Overboard

by Cruise Bruise News on 08/25/16

Cruise Bruise: Not funny - Jumping overboard is not a prank. Alcohol clouds judgment. Automatic Sobriety Test prank call stretches comedy imagination

Mystery Surrounds New York Passenger Death

by Cruise Bruise News on 08/22/16

Cruise Bruise: New York police find #cruise passenger unconsious, unresponsive, burned and handcuffed after hearing odd overboard story

Grandeur of the Seas Passenger Found Dead

by Cruise Bruise News on 08/21/16

Cruise Bruise: Upon arrival at Bermuda, a #cruise ship passenger, 45,  who sailed from Baltimore, Maryland was dead #travel

Alaska Cruise Ship Excursion Bear Attack

by Cruise Bruise News on 08/19/16

Cruise Bruise: Two injured during Alaska cruise ship excursion wilderness  bear attack. Mother bear attacks when tour group near cub

Zika Virus Threat Near Miami Cruise Terminal

by Cruise Bruise News on 08/19/16

BREAKING NEWS:  Zika Virus CDC confirmed cases near Miami Cruise Terminal, Miami beach 1.5 mile area of beach #cruise #travel

America Cruise Ferries' Caribbean Fantasy Fire

by Cruise Bruise News on 08/18/16

14 Photos: Cruise Bruise Investigates American #cruise ship ferry Caribbean Fantasy fire, dozens injured in early morning Caribbean fire

Carnival Ecstasy Passenger Indicted Alleged Assault

by Cruise Bruise News on 08/14/16

FBI assault indictment for male passenger on #travel #cruise out of Charleston, SC aboard Carnival Ecstasy may involve a child victim

Fake Cruise Ship Doctor Andres Parras Convicted

by Cruise Bruise News on 08/09/16

Cruise Bruise: Update on the case of Florida nurse Andres Parras who posed as a #cruise ship doctor on AIDA Cruises ship

PHOTOS Budget Cruise and Stay Winter Snowbird Travel

by Cruise Bruise News on 08/08/16

Cruise Bruise Investigates: Budget Cruise and Stay Winter Snowbird Travel $495 Monthly. Retired with an oceanfront view on $2000 month budget #cruise #travel

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