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Carnival Freedom Passenger Ganja Arrest Grand Cayman

by Cruise Bruise News on 01/23/17

Cruise Bruise: Carnival Freedom #cruise ship passenger arrested in Grand Cayman after buying cannabis from a local resident peddling drugs on the street

Sean Spicer Lies For Daddy Cruise Bruise Editor Opinion

by Cruise Bruise News on 01/23/17

Cruise Bruise: Before calling the media liars, you should make sure we can't prove your facts are all lies. #Cruise Bruise investigates Trump claim, we the media lie

Muslim Cruise Passengers Missing in Port

by Cruise Bruise News on 01/22/17

Cruise Bruise: Three Muslim #cruise passenger are missing in port after election state of emergency is called

Michael Nicholson Journalist Cruise Passenger Dead

by Cruise Bruise News on 01/20/17

Cruise Ship Deaths: British war journalist who covered attempted #cruise ship pirate attack has died on a cruise

New Yorker Dies On Cruise Honeymoon

by Cruise Bruise News on 01/19/17

Cruise Bruise: A New York #cruise ship passenger has died during his Royal Princess Caribbean honeymoon cruise while on a snorkeling excursion

RCCL Sued After Truck Driver Hits Excursion Bus

by Cruise Bruise News on 01/16/17

Cruise Bruise: Royal Caribbean sued after excursion bus driver and #cruise ship passengers become victim of truck driver passing car in curve on Jamaican road

Airport Terror Attack Fifth Cruise Ship Passenger Identified

by Cruise Bruise News on 01/14/17

Cruise Ship Deaths: a fifth passenger has been identified, several still in the hospital after deadly terror attack kills #cruise ship passengers in Florida airport

4 Cruise Passengers Murdered in Terror Attack

by Cruise Bruise News on 01/11/17

Cruise Bruise Investigates: PHOTOS-  Florida airport terror attack which killed four #cruise ship passengers was act of terrorist, our in depth investigation uncovers

Royal Caribbean Lawsuit Filed Drowning Death

by Cruise Bruise News on 01/09/17

Cruise Bruise investigates the #cruise #lawsuit a Texas family files for the wrongful swimming pool death of eight-year-old Texas boy aboard Liberty of the Seas

Carnival Debuts Ocean Medallion Wearable at CES

by Cruise Bruise News on 01/05/17

Cruise Bruise: Carnival Corp exhibits Ocean Medallion smart #cruise passenger technology at Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada today

Cruise Bruise Finds Missing Cruise Passenger

by Cruise Bruise News on 01/05/17

Cruise Bruise: A #cruise ship passenger who reported missing from Pulllmantur Cruises Zenith, never returned to the ship from port is posting to Facebook

Search Called Off For MSC Passenger Overboard

by Cruise Bruise News on 01/03/17

Cruise Ship Deaths: The search has been called for MSC Cruises Divina passenger who jumped overboard in Puerto Rico yesterday

Missing Passenger Found Dead Aboard Ship

by Cruise Bruise News on 01/02/17

Cruise Ship Deaths: Reported  #cruise passenger missing two months ago, found dead on the ship in the air ventilation shaft

Top 40 Cruise Events 2016 in Review

by Cruise Bruise News on 01/01/17

Cruise Bruise: Our annual Top 40 #cruise news stories for this year is now live. There are a few surprises in our list of 40 cruise events

Fake Cruise Ship Captain Sues Her Victim

by Cruise Bruise News on 12/31/16

Cruise Bruise Investigates Exclusive: #FBI unaware fake #cruise ship captain Cynthia Knox sued her victim in federal court, our #1 investigation of 2016

The Vet Life Meets Grapes of Wrath

by Cruise Bruise News on 12/29/16

Cruise Bruise Investigates: Carnival Liberty #cruise passengers sue three doctors for wrongful death #houston #texas #travel #animalplanet #lawsuit

Cruise Passenger On Toilet Dies During Fire

by Cruise Bruise News on 12/29/16

Cruise Bruise: Four women died during a Prime Time #cruise fire, one was using the bathroom  when the blaze broke out

Missing Cruise Ship Passenger Identified

by Cruise Bruise News on 12/24/16

Cruise Ship Missing: The male passenger, 22,  who jumped overboard from Independence of the Seas off Florida on Thursday has been identified

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