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Anthem of the Seas Child Pool Drowning

by Cruise Bruise News on 07/01/16

Group of 49 distracted in first hours of 9-day cruise, boy 8 pulled from bottom of cruise ship pool on Caribbean, Bermuda Fourth of July celebration cruise

Cruise Port Schedules Updated

by Cruise Bruise News on 06/26/16

Cruise Port Schedules:  The #cruise port schedules for 2016-2017 have been updated for the existing ports today. Additional port calendars are going live in July

Cruise Ship Deaths Update Now Over 2600 Deaths

by Cruise Bruise News on 06/25/16

Largest database of verified #cruise ship passenger, crew deaths and industry notable deaths over 116 years. New added weekly as we verify cases 1900 to 2016

Women Cruise Passengers Arrested Cocaine Smuggling

by Cruise Bruise News on 06/24/16

Cruise Bruise: Four female passengers on Mother's Day Freedom of the Seas Caribbean cruise to smuggle cocaine, lost their freedom in Port Canaveral

Carnival Cruises Sale Huge Liquor Credit

by Cruise Bruise News on 06/23/16

#Cruise Port Views: Carnival Cruises Promotion FREE Liquor Credit up to $1000, Low Rates & 10% Off Shore Excursions. Valid through 7/31/2016 #travel

Cruise Industry News Rumor Mill Strikes Again

by Cruise Bruise News on 06/23/16

Cruise Ship Deaths: Cruise ship passenger snorkeling death in Bermuda is finally correctly identified after a dozen false, regurgitated #cruise #travel news reports

Update: Deadly Crash Cruise Ship Bus Crash Driver At Fault

by Cruise Bruise News on 06/23/16

Case Update -  Assistant Police Commissioner says, #cruise excursion bus driver caused deadly head-on crash with wreckless driving behavior, will be charged

Cruise Excursion Bus Crash Killas 3 Injures 12

by Cruise Bruise News on 06/22/16

Cruise Bruise: Pacific Dawn #cruise ship passengers airlifted from bus crash, ship doctor assists on the accident scene

Cruise Ship Grounding Cause Identified

by Cruise Bruise News on 06/22/16

Cruise Ship Sinking: Cause of #cruise ship MV Hamburg grounding resulted from  no Pre-arrival Briefing,  no Plan B and officers working in isolation

Carnival Ecstasy Crew Member Death Update

by Cruise Bruise News on 06/21/16

Cruise Ship Deaths: Final investigation report places blame in #cruise Carnival Ecstasy crew electrician bloody elevator death after Christmas #travel

Cruise Ship Fire Disables Docked Ship

by Cruise Bruise News on 06/21/16

Cruise Ship Fires: #Cruise ship Floridian Star severely disabled after cruise ship fire at dock this past week

Carnival Valor SC Shagger Cruise Ship Death

by Cruise Bruise News on 06/21/16

Cruise Ship Deaths:  South Carolina Pharmacist, Shag dancer Thomas Armstrong Jr died aboard Carnival Cruise Line's Carnival Valor #cruise #travel #sc

Houston Attorney Drowns During Carnival Triumph Cruise

by Cruise Bruise News on 06/21/16

#Cruise Ship Deaths:  Houston, Texas law firm founder John Herberger, 56,  drowns during Carnival cruise travel  to Cozumel,Mexico

Disney Wonder Teen Dies On Alaskan Cruise

by Cruise Bruise News on 06/20/16

Cruise Ship Deaths: A teen from Missouri, Austin Ray, 17,  died aboard Disney Cruise Line's Disney Wonder while on #Alaska #cruise #travel

Passenger Daughter Seeks Revenge Against PandO Cruises

by Cruise Bruise News on 06/20/16

Cruise Bruise: Passenger daughter's Facebook rant takes aim at  #travel #cruise P and O Cruises after father is left in on island because he broke the rules

Cruise Ship Parenting Failure Cases Rising

by Cruise Bruise News on 06/20/16

Cruise Bruise: #Cruise ship parenting failures resulting in child injury, sexual assault and death after parents use poor judgement, become distracted #travel

Two Cruise Ship Passenger Deaths Added

by Cruise Bruise News on 06/16/16

Cruise Ship Deaths: passenger deaths of James Robert Benson, former Illinois Appellate Prosecutor's appellate attorney and child drowning death of Katelyn Blair

Inquest Resumes For Cruise Ship Accidental Death

by Cruise Bruise News on 06/15/16

Cruise Ship Deaths: The inquest has resume for the accidental #cruise ship passenger overboard death of Mary Atherton

Cruise Bruise Over 100 Languages Now Available

by Cruise Bruise News on 06/14/16

Cruise Bruise: Our 2016 newest update makes our #travel #cruise awareness website now readable in over 100 languages

Cruise Terminal Dirty Little Secret Exposed

by Cruise Bruise News on 06/13/16

Cruise Bruise: ALERT Doctor tells us, #cruise ship passengers unaware they sit atop a ticking time bomb #travel nightmare unfolding

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